Wednesday 20th September 2017 – Grand Union, Rolls Passage, London EC4A 1HL

Thirty eager English, Kiwi and Aussie town planners came together on a Wednesday night at the Grand Union Pub, Chancery Lane, for an evening of slightly planning themed trivia.

The competitors signed in, picked up their drinks vouchers, headed to the bar and the networking subsequently ensued. After a day in the office, we all sat down and re-engaged our brains. We flew through current affairs, geography and history themed rounds with some specialist rounds/challenges also thrown in for good measure.

We captioned funny photos and built impressively tall towers (without planning permission/permits!). The towers were judged on their ‘architectural beauty’, structural soundness and, of course, height; the most points were awarded to the tallest tower.

The winners for the evening were Team Wellington, a trio of three from Mattison Partnership, who shared their chocolatey prize with all pub quizzers.


Winning Caption: “All Climate “Change” here as LiverPOLE Street for White City”

A big thank you to our amazing sponsor, Mattinson Partnership, for supporting the event and for their excellent company on the night.

We look forward to seeing you at future events and keep an eye out for World Town Planning Day celebration on Wednesday 29th November!


Review by Micaela Benson (UK Planning Institute of Australia), Hannah Murphy (UK New Zealand Town Planning Institute) and Zoe Green (Royal Town Planning Institute).


IMG_5589 (1)


IMG_5567 (1)


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