FORTHCOMING EVENT:To 2020 and Beyond: London’s Economy and Series Roundup

The final event in the RTPI London Mayoral Series looks at the future of London’s economy and will include a review of the Mayoral Series looking forward to how RTPI London is planning to advance this debate.

London’s success on the global stage is also critical to the UK’s economic success. The preceding debates explore the priorities and challenges facing the Mayor over major issues around housing, transport, infrastructure and strategic planning. This final debate event in the series seeks to ask what further fiscal and planning powers would be beneficial for a Mayor to have in order to meet the ferocious growth facing the capital. It looks at how we tackle risks, shocks, growth and imbalance in the economy and the role of planning.

The event is free, and open to all RTPI members.


  • Zoe Green: Atkins and RTPI London (Event Chair)
  • Joanna Rowelle : Arup
  • Ben Harrison: Centre for Cities
  • Ellie Evans: Volterra
  • Andrew Dorrian: Chair RTPI London

To book please click here.

More information is available in the flyer.

Economics May 16

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