Planning Aid England Volunteer Event – Tuesday 6th October 2015 – 6-8pm

During June and July 2015 Planning Aid England (PAE) carried out a review of registered volunteers. This is a bi-annual review and enables volunteers to confirm whether they would like to continue volunteering for PAE and to update their volunteer profile. This helps to ensure the opportunities match the skills, expertise, knowledge and interests of our volunteer base so a big thank you to those who completed the survey.

Nationally, the survey showed that across the RTPI regions the total number of volunteers has fallen in recent years. The loss has primarily been of non-Chartered volunteers.

In London  the total number of volunteers now stands at 140 of whom 46 are Chartered members.

Volunteers have a wide variety of skills and knowledge with a high proportion of volunteers having expertise in community engagement, development management, neighbourhood planning, planning policy / Local Plans and site assessment

A high proportion of volunteers are interested in assisting with neighbourhood planning support, consultation and community engagement, developing and implementing future strategies, developing resources and guidance, casework and planning advice and delivering training.

PAE will be using the findings of the volunteer review to better target regional training needs, recruitment and other initiatives for our volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for PAE please have a look at our website or email PAE ( for further information.

Planning Aid England are keen to hear more and have organised an event for volunteers and prospective volunteers in London to come and hear more about the work of Planning Aid England and opportunities to get involved. This event will be held from 6-8pm on Tuesday 6th October at Evershed’s,  1 Wood St, London EC2V 7WS.

To book please click here. More details are available in the flyer below.


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