Sir Peter Hall 1932 – 2014

Sir Peter

The RTPI London Committee are deeply saddened to hear that the great Sir Peter Hall has passed away. As a person of major influence over the planning profession, and a leading academic, his legacy will be vast, in London and around the world.

We were lucky enough to have him speak at two events over the past year – our Abercrombie +70 Centenary Event in February and our 2013 London Planning Summit where he spoke with great knowledge and wit, together with many ideas as to how planners should continue to shape our capital.

RTPI’s official tribute can be read here.

As our tribute we are hoping that RTPI members in London will share their thoughts and memories of him and how he influenced people’s careers. If you would like to share anything please email or share on Twitter/Facebook.

“It was a privilege to have met Sir Peter Hall and have had his insight at our recent RTPI London events. I was also extremely impressed when he joined us on a 3 mile ramble around Old Oak Common at last years Summit. One of a few genuinely great and influential town planners, I’m sure he will be remembered in years to come alongside the likes of Howard, Unwin and Abercrombie”. Tom Venables, RTPI London Chair 2014

“Sir Peter Hall was the hugely influential geographer/ planner and a great advocate for rail transport including Highspeed 1, Highspeed 2 and what he called the “Orbi-rail” – the London Overground. Always full of energy and excitement when talking about planning – he will be missed”. – Charlotte Morphett, RTPI London Senior Vice Chair

“Everyone who had the privilege of attending a lecture or seminar hosted by Professor Hall was impressed with his endless knowledge, progressive thinking and, at times, amused by his tongue-in-cheek attitude. But for me, as a student of his, what made him special was that despite his superior knowledge, he always appeared intrigued by his students and enthused by their ideas. He was particularly encouraging to me during one of my more challenging projects, and undoubtedly a keystone in my decision to pursue a career in planning”. – Harry Burchill, RTPI London Hon Treasurer and Masters student at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, from 2008-2010

” I went to his lecture on the 28th of May at UCL on ‘Good Cities and Better Lives’ where he discussed the vision for Ebbsfleet Garden City, it was excellent. Despite his many achievements, he was a humorous, humble and a human being.”  – Zenab Haji-Ismail LB Camden CIL/Section 106 Officer / RTPI London Committee member

“My abiding memory is the lecture he gave during my first week at UCL, which was unscripted and full of anecdotes and observations from a lifetime of planning research and practice. It left me certain I’d not only chosen the right degree, but the right career”. – Colin Turnbull, Peter Brett Associates

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One Response to Sir Peter Hall 1932 – 2014

  1. Helen Malekkidou says:

    It is with great sadness that I hear the news of Sir Peter Hall’s passing. UCL and The Bartlett will be so much poorer without his presence! I consider myself extremely lucky to have had such an inspiring professor…. RIP Dear Professor!

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