EVENT REVIEW: RTPI/APA Scavenger Hunt – 17th June

Against a beautiful backdrop of the city of London, illuminated by a golden evening sun, London’s Planners and representatives from the American Planning Association (visiting London for a week-long professional study tour) strengthened their special relationship by joining forces in the scavenger hunt of the centenary!

Setting out from the Doggett’s Coat and Badge near Blackfriars Bridge, the nine Anglo-American teams streamed out into the evening light, armed with a map, a question sheet and a 75 minute time limit. The aim? To answer the questions and complete as many challenges as possible. The challenge was designed to test teams’ observational skill, physical stamina, poetic creativity, dramatic and, even romantic, flair.

From the pricing of properties near the Tate Modern, recreating Shakespearian scenes outside the Globe Theatre, working out the relationship between David Hasselhoff and side streets (answer: Knightrider Street), photographing St Paul’s from One New Change and wooing the ladies of KDH Associates with the  wittiest chat-up lines, the planners well and truly earned their refreshments at the finish line, kindly provided by KDH Associates, on the terrace of the Coat and Badge Bar, whilst enjoying a perfect sunset over the River Thames. All teams made it back in time (by as little as 30 seconds in some cases) and the winners were “Right to PD”.

A fantastic evening had by all, thanks to George Weeks, Harry Burchill, Lucy Barton and Tom Venables and sponsored by KDH Associates.

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