UPCOMING EVENT: London Festival of Architecture: 1-30 June 2014

Join us for this year’s London Festival of Architecture.

In partnership with The Building Centre, CPRE London, the Siobhan Davies Studio and Aecom the Landscape Institute is hosting seven events, including three walks on the theme ‘Talking on Water’, and the launch of the Landscape Institute’s new animation on landscape and liveability. Dates and event summaries are given below. Further information and booking information can be found here.

Talking on Water – Hampstead Heath: preventing flooding in London
An unprecedented opportunity to find out about the history, management and future of the Heath.
6 pm, Thursday 5 June

Water Sensitive Urban Design: why London needs to change the way it designs with water
Michael Henderson (Aecom) and Sue Illman (Landscape Institute) will talk about WSUD projects around the world and the winners of the Royal Docks Ideas Competition will showcase their ideas for making the ‘Royals’ greener. There will be a screening of Water Sensitive Urban Design, a film commissioned by the Landscape Institute and based on work by CIRIA, Arup and Aecom, which explains the concept of WSUD and argues the case for designing with water when planning any new development.
6 pm, Thursday 12 June

Talking on Water – Water, Meat, Drink and the Lie of the Land
A walk from Liverpool Street to Islington exploring the way in which water has influenced the design of this part of London.
6 pm, Friday 13 June

Talking on Water – Walk in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – function and beauty in landscape
An opportunity to tour the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, looking at the way in which the site has been influenced by the River Lea, the River Lea navigation and the other canals.
6 pm, Wednesday 18 June

How Liveable is London?
An event tackling the issue of liveability in housing and landscape. Speakers include Rosalie Callway (CPRE London), Noel Farrer (Landscape Institute), Rebecca Sudworthy (Peabody), Darren Johnson (London Assembly), Lucy Musgrove (Publica) and Bruce McVean (movement for Liveable London). The Landscape Institute will be launching their new animation on landscape and liveability by Rob Cowan.
6 pm, Thursday 19 June

What has Nature ever done for us?
Britain’s leading environmental campaigner, Tony Juniper, discusses the services Nature performs for us, from the provision of water and food to the atmosphere and environment which sustains and protects us. Introduced and chaired by Sue Illman.
7 pm, Friday 27 June

Planting Steps Walk
Johanna Gibbons (J & L Gibbons, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design) and Paul Lincoln (Landscape Institute) lead a walk from City Hall, along the South Bank of the Thames, exploring the integration of plant life in the Capital.
11:30 am, Saturday 28 June

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