EVENT REVIEW: Centenary Series: Liveable City – Planning for a Liveable London – Thursday 8th May

RTPI London and New London Architecture teamed up to present a stimulating discussion on how to make London a more liveable city. Contributions were made by the following excellent speakers.

Rt Hon. David Lammy MP and representing the Lammy Housing Commission described the challenge of providing sufficient accommodation for a growing city and suggested that London’s historic growth boundaries may need to be re-examined.

David Twohig, from Battersea Power Station Development Company described the challenge of creating a liveable community in the heart of London; the most important ingredient is a well thought out mix of uses. This maximises the number of reasons for people to make use of the place.

Jamie Carswell, from Tower Hamlets Homes, described  the challenge of affordable housing delivery in the capital and emphasised the needs for amenities to be provided at a the smallest and most local level.

Lucy Saunders; co-founder of the Movement for Liveable London, showed that a city based on walking and cycling for everyday transport is the only way to ensure that people will undertake sufficient levels of exercise, as well as delivering greater social connectivity.

Cllr Vincent Stops, from LB Hackney, described how some of the points highlighted by the previous speakers had been incorporated into LB Hackney’s planning and management, giving it the title of London’s most liveable borough.

Following Q&A, we adjourned for refreshments in the NLA Gallery, kindly sponsored by KDH Associates.


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