REVIEW: Young Planners Summer Social – The Sanctum Soho Hotel

Whether they were involved in person, or through social media, this year’s Young Planners Summer Social was thoroughly enjoyed by all. On Thursday 29th August 2013, The Sanctum Soho Hotel, a plush boutique hotel situated on Warwick Street, played host to the annual event where over 60 young planners came together to meet new people, socialise and catch up with old colleagues.

In keeping with the annual theme of a roof top bar the hotel’s outdoor terrace was transformed into a Planners’ secret getaway with complimentary canapés and drinks for all of its guests, courtesy of KDH Associates.

By 6.30pm, guests had started to arrive at this stylish and sophisticated hotel in the heart of Soho. Planners from across London’s planning world feasted on mini gourmet burgers.

As more guests arrived, the night was in full swing with drinks flowing, business cards being exchanged and plenty of tweets. This was networking at its best.

Photos and tweets were posted throughout the night with a live twitter feed being displayed on the TV screen by the bar. It started to gain a lot of attention from across the Twittersphere, in particular, from a certain ex-Chair of the Young Planners Committee!  See the tweets at #ypsummersocial

A big thank you to the Soho Sanctum Hotel for hosting this event and also to Kirsty, Graeme and Lucy of KDH Associates for sponsoring the night. It was clear that everyone who attended had a really great night!

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