Help Save The London Society

The London Society


Last year the London Society celebrated its centenary.  This year it faces dissolution as a separate entity.

Formed at a time when urban planning was in its infancy, the Society was then a major force in determining the future shape of what is now Greater London and its membership read like a ‘who’s who’ of eminent people in architecture, planning, local and national government, press barons and many others with an interest in the coherent physical and social development of the capital city.

Now, membership is more representative of the population of the metropolis and is open to anyone who cares about its past, present and particularly its future.

The current proposal is to merge the Society and its assets with the Heritage of London Trust (HOLT). This situation has come about largely because of the wish of most key members of the committee to step down after long and active periods of office, and their inability to find replacements from within the Society. However, many members would like to see the Society reinstated as a forum for discussion and information about London’s future rather than as a heritage body.

If this is to happen there is an urgent need to put together a new volunteer committee over the next three weeks.

Interested? Would you like to help shape the future of The London Society?

Contact Jonathan Manns (

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