RTPI elections 2013

The RTPI is holding its annual elections for the Vice-President, the Board of Trustees and the General Assembly. Nominations open on 1 September and close on 30 September. If the elections are contested, ballot papers will be sent out in mid October and voting will take place in October – November. The  results will announced in November.

The Institute’s strength comes from members’ involvement and we hope that you will consider becoming involved in the governance of the Institute. If you would like further information or a nomination form, please contact the RTPI’s Governance Officer, Colin Bendall, by e-mail: colin.bendall@rtpi.org.uk, or telephone 020 7929 8172.


This position is open to any Chartered Member who has held office in any capacity within the RTPI’s governance structure for at least two consecutive years in the previous five years and who has been nominated by at least six Chartered Members. The Vice-President is elected by the Fellows and Ordinary members and will become President in 2015.

  • The nomination form for the Vice-President is available here

Board of Trustees

The RTPI is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Board has sixteen Trustees who have ultimate responsibility for the affairs of the Institute. The elections for Board members are staggered over different years to ensure that there is continuity in the Board membership. The General Assembly is the electoral college for Board elections.

This year, four corporate member positions are due for re-election. These positions are open to any Chartered member who is nominated by four Chartered members.

  • The nomination form for these positions is available here

The trustee who represents Young Planners; and the trustee who represents the Regions are also subject to election this year. Candidates for the Trustee representing Young Planners will need the support of at least four chartered members, Students or Licentiates.

  • The nomination form is available here

The trustee representing the regions is nominated from the regional representatives on the General Assembly and will need the support of at least two other regional representatives.

  • The nomination form is available here

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the debating chamber of the Institute and meets three times a year in central London. Membership of the General Assembly offers an opportunity to debate matters of importance to the Institute, to hear presentations from a range of speakers and organisations and to network with other planning professionals. The General Assembly is elected by the RTPI’s members.

Due for election to the General Assembly are fourteen corporate members elected by the members; three Student/Licentiate members elected by the Student and Licentiate members; and one Legal Associate elected by the corporate members and Legal Associates.

Nominations for Fellows or Ordinary Members will require support from at least four Fellows or Ordinary Members. Students and Licentiate Members will require support from at least four other members of the same membership class. Legal Associate nominees will need support from at least four Legal Associates or Chartered Members.

  • The nomination form for Fellows and Ordinary Members is available here
  • The nomination form for Student and Licentiate Members is available here
  • The nomination form for Legal Associate Members is available here

 More information

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