EVENT REVIEW: Young Planners Scavenger Hunt, 4th July 2013

The 4th of July brought with it the perfect summer evening for an RTPI London Young Planners Scavenger Hunt in the streets, courtyards, squares and alleys of Farringdon.

Battle lines were drawn at the Charterhouse Bar near Smithfield Market. With a total of nine teams competition was fierce. At 7pm teams were released and there was a subsequent charge for the door as the scavenger hunt commenced!

Teams had been given team sheets with a number of exciting tasks and unusual items to forage for in 45 minutes in order to gather points. With points deducted for being late, this was not the time for an evening stroll around the city. Teams commenced on a frantic search for such items as a takeaway menu, a London postcard and a leaf from a tree as well as completing tasks that included taking photographs of planning application sites notices and a team photograph with a tourist.

We had George Weeks of the RTPI London Young Planners committee in a covert location within the area, disguised with sunglasses offering teams who could find him the chance to collect 30 points. Sadly for 6ft tall George, the sunglasses disguise meant it was a lonely 45 minutes with only four teams being able to find him at the last minute.

With the clock ticking, teams sprinted back to the Charterhouse Bar before the time ran out. The committee members received the bundles of material gathered by the (now slightly sweaty) groups of Young Planners on their mad hunt around the City of London.

The scores were added up, checked and re-checked. While they may not have been awarded any points for the most original team name, Team Deloitte were the clear winners and were presented with a chilled bottle of prosecco. Well done!

Teams from Wandsworth Council may still be duelling, the boys and girls team managed a draw! Much to the girls’ disappointment. There is always next year.

A big thank you to the Charterhouse bar for hosting the event and to all those who attended the evening, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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One Response to EVENT REVIEW: Young Planners Scavenger Hunt, 4th July 2013

  1. Congrats on a great event organised by Charlotte and Luke. Great feedback received. Hope to be contestant same time next year!

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