2014 – 100 years of the RTPI – Celebrating our Centenary in London

On the 11th July 1913 a meeting took place in Screen-Shot-2013-05-31-at-7.57.55-AMVictoria amongst a number of pioneering town planning practitioners, including many involved in the development of garden towns and suburbs at the time. This led a year later to the establishment of the Town Planning Institute (that in 1959 became the Royal Town Planning Institute).

Next year is the RTPI’s Centenary and RTPI Garden cityLondon will be hosting a year-long celebration of town planning in London that seeks to present a retrospective of the past and to debate and discuss present and future issues in the planning of the capital.

It is also 70 years since the 1944 Greater London Plan was published by Sir Patrick Abercrombie. We will be looking at the legacy of this document and, given the commencement of the London Plan review next year, will be considering ideas for theAbrecrombie future planning of the city.

We will be holding monthly themed events and study tours focusing on a range of issues including housing, infrastructure, city resilience and suburbs/green belt culminating in our annual planning summit in November 2014 that will look towards the next 100 years of planning in London.

We are looking for volunteers and sponsors to help assist in our events programme for the Centenary in 2014. If you have any event ideas, would like to get involved in the London region, or if your organisation would like to sponsor us (either in cash, or in kind – we are always looking for event space), then please get in touch.

Please contact:

RTPI London Centenary Coordinator, Tom Venables: Tom.Venables@aecom.com

RTPI London Regional Coordinator, Lucy Barton: Lucy.Barton@rtpi.org.uk

For more information on the RTPI Centenary and activities outside of London, please see www.rtpi.org.uk/centenary or follow the Twitter hashtag #rtpicentenary.

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