Forgotten Spaces 2013


RTPI London is supporting RIBA London working with the Mayor of London, the Landscape Institute and partners Ordnance Survey and developer Qatari Diar, to launch a new Forgotten Spaces ideas competition for 2013.

We would strongly encourage London planners entering this competition as part of multidisciplinary teams!

Based on the highly successful concept developed by RIBA London in 2010 and 2011, the competition seeks out redundant spaces across Greater London and invites innovative design proposals for re-use and regeneration. The 2013 competition will give entrants the opportunity to select their own forgotten space, or consider 5 specific sites put forward by London Borough planning departments that have been earmarked for redevelopment.

The competition asks: How would you bring the area under a flyover to life? How could a disused car park be made beautiful? What potential lies in neglected parks, spaces under railways or on our rooftops?

Open to RIBA, RTPI and Landscape Institute members, as well as students, artists, members of the public and community groups across the UK, the competition creates a broad platform for discussion across all age groups and disciplines.
1st prize = £5,000, 2nd prize = £2,000, 3rd prize = 1,000

See the full competition brief and instructions of how to enter :

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One Response to Forgotten Spaces 2013

  1. I agree Planners should be part of project teams. I hope this post leads to some well informed entries.

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