Young Planners Conference: Workshop 7: Neighbourhood Planning

Sixteen delegates of the Young Planners Conference joined two Committee Members and  Allison Borden and Nancy Astley from Planning Aid for London, for a workshop on Neighbourhood Planning, held at CBRE’s West End offices. The workshop started with a brief presentation taking delegates through the ins-and-outs of Neighbourhood Planning, including an update on neighbourhood plans in London and the various stages they are at. Delegates learned that still no neighbourhood plans had come forward. The delegates learnt about the powers each Neighbourhood Forum could have through Neighbourhood Development Orders and the forth coming Community Assets Budget.

After the round up on Neighbourhood Planning the delegates were offered the task of creating a Neighbourhood Forum for their area. The delegates split into groups and were given cards of 50 potential stakeholders, from hospitals and schools to business owners and residents, and were told to choose 21 stakeholders to form the board of the Neighbourhood Forum.

The task proved rather complicated with each group justifying why they included certain key stakeholders but omitted other key stakeholders, and each group adopted different techniques to get the most representative and appropriate Neighbourhood Forum. It generated an interesting debate and discussion around the groups as to which stakeholders are considered more appropriate or important in the context of Neighbourhood Planning.

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