RTPI London – Cycling in London Series

4th and 17th May 2012

There have been impressive increases in cycling in London over recent years, however accident rates continue to increase. There is limited space to accommodate an effective cycling infrastructure to improve safety and reach the levels of cycling aspired to in the Mayors Transport Strategy. Surely something has to give? More space is needed for on-street parking. More road space is needed for better cycle lanes and traffic signals need to be adjusted to improve movement by bike. Can we really achieve this without reducing the number of white vans, taxis and buses on our streets? How should the newly elected Mayor go about sustaining the cycling revolution?

RTPI London is supporting the London Cycling Campaign (LCC)’s Love London Go Dutch campaign. This is calling on the 2012 mayoral election candidates to commit to continental-standard cycling infrastructure in the capital.

We will be holding two events in the post election period to explore the future of cycling in London and whether continental cycling infrastructure is possible on the streets of the capital.

To sign the petition, and to find out about the “Big Ride” on the 28th April, go to http://lcc.org.uk/

To reserve a place at either of the events below please email lucy.barton@rtpi.org.uk


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