CIL Payment and Collection Event

RTPI London ran a CIL Payment and Collection CPD event on Wednesday 1st February, kindly hosted by the GLA at City Hall. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and understanding of the payment and collection process for the Mayor of London’s Mayoral CIL which is anticipated to come into force in just 2 months time, from 1st April 2012.

Richard Linton (Greater London Authority) kicked off the event with a presentation on the process so-far for the Mayoral CIL and his top 10 ‘hints and tips’ for developers and local authorities in paying and collecting the CIL.

Graham Jones (Jones & Jones Associates and Planning Officers Society CIL Lead) presented on his experience in drafting the POS Advice Note on CIL and Infrastructure Planning and working with local authorities on the implementation process.

Steve Dennington (London Borough of Croydon) followed by outlining the practical steps Croydon has taken to prepare itself for collection of the Mayoral CIL, as well as for its own local CIL at a later date. This included an insight into the importance of cross-departmental liaison between planning services, exchequer services and delivery.

Gilian MacInnes (Planning Advisory Service) concluded the presentations by talking about her experience in CIL charge-setting and collection from the PAS CIL front-runners across the country.

The speakers were then joined by Ian Rae (London Borough of Redbridge) and Steve Woolley (Department for Communities and Local Government) in a Panel Q&A session. This covered topics such as: section 73 planning applications, garages, social housing relief, the justification of the Mayoral CIL rates, impact of CIL on house prices, house conversions and proposed fixes to the CIL regulation 40 calculation. The presentations from the evening are all available at

The event was kindly sponsored by

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