RTPI London: Young Planners

RTPI London Young Planners has an exciting year ahead with its usual mixture of social and networking events in addition to the national Young Planners Conference being hosted in London later in 2012. If you are not already on the e-mailing list for RTPI London Young Planners and you’d like to be updated on upcoming events, please subscribe by emailing the new email address: rtpilondonyoungplanners@gmail.com

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2 Responses to RTPI London: Young Planners

  1. william mc garry says:

    I am not a young planner but can i leave a message here

    You sent out the remittance payment forms for RTPI memebrship
    unfortunately they have been mislaid
    i wish to continue my membership of the RTPI

    I beleive there is also a cut off date to recicve the forms in feb 2012 in order not to incur the extra charge

    can you therefore please resend me the forms as soon as possible and note that i wish to cotinue now on the reduced fee due to no income coming in

    Unfortunately i also do not have memebership No
    possibly you could also telephone me

    Many thanks

    William Mc Garry
    128 Bedford street south
    tel 07947 588810

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