It Is Possible To Get That First Graduate Planning Job

Jack Brudenell reports on RTPI London’s Planning Your Career Event on 21st June and the current plight of planning graduates….

The current job market for graduates of a recent planning degree can be described as challenging at best. A lot of graduates including myself have found it incredibly tough to find a job. A lot of people I have spoken to are feeling stone-walled from prospective employers and many do not know where to turn next.

Dealing with a difficult job market requires applicants to change the way in which they look for a job. It is no longer a simple case of applying to a job advert where hundreds of other applicants are also applying to that same job with a similar looking CV to yours. New strategies need to be thought out and applicants need to become almost entrepreneurial in their pursuit of employment.

However knowing what different strategies you can pursue can be quite daunting. Where do you start? This was the situation I found myself in. Having applied for jobs for three months I had only had one interview which had not ended in employment. I had pursed other strategies such as networking and trying to build up a database of contacts but overall was struggling.

Through the RTPI London young planners network I heard of an event that RTPI London was putting on with Judd Farris called Planning Your Career. It was a workshop session in which ideas were shared about how to further and better your job search. Everyone that attended found it very useful as ideas were shared as well as having input from the professional recruitment consultants from Judd Farris. There were representatives from the RTPI and also from within the planning industry, who were able to advise what employers were looking for and how best to differentiate yourself from everyone else. The range of issues that they covered included CV writing, how to network effectively as well as making suggestions such as pursuing internships and how you would go about doing that.

It was a great event and everyone that attended left with a sense of optimism. RTPI London and Judd Farris should be commended as events like this are vital in the current difficult job market. It is a tough environment out there at the moment for everybody and there are no quick fixes. But by adapting, diversifying and learning from events like this you can put yourself in a much better position to get that job.

The RTPI London Planning Your Career event featured Chris Sheridan of RTPI Careers and Support, Julia Riddle of RTPI London and was sponsored by Judd Farris. If you are interested in learning more about this and other events please email

Jack Brudenell is a student member of the RTPI.

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