Planners take up the City Scavenge Challenge

The winning team - London Borough of Redbridge

On an overcast June evening, eight teams from across London and beyond ventured out into the heart of the City of London to take part in the well touted RTPI London Young Planners City Scavenger Challenge. With many participants never having experienced this event before, there was a certain level of trepidation as to what to expect. We need not have feared, and on being greeted with broad smiles by the organising committee at the Blue Anchor pub, feelings of angst were replaced by those of excited anticipation!

After a quick rendez-vous at the Blue Anchor to receive instructions from the organising committee  the teams ventured out into the wilds of the City to complete the various elements of the challenge which included gathering a range of items (which included a sock, a feather and a take away menu), taking photographs at specified locations (or in some cases having bemused members of the public take them and/or pose in them for you!), and also finding answers to a list of observation questions that required tracking down various features in the surrounding area.

After completing those parts of the challenge, the teams entered the Walkabout pub on Victoria Embankment to receive further instructions. These took the form of a sheet of cryptic clues (otherwise known as Dingbats!) to complete on the journey back to the Blue Anchor where all teams congregated to complete the final part of the challenge – the quiz.

With just enough time to consume a well-deserved beverage (or two) – the quiz began. The quiz comprised two rounds of general knowledge questions followed by a final round where answers were all linked by a common theme (which teams were required to identify).

Well, the quiz either makes or breaks you. A good result in the quiz can make up for points lost in other parts of the challenge. A bad performance in the quiz can drag down even the most successful team from the early rounds. In the case of the winning team, from Redbridge Council, the quiz built upon an already impressive score built up during the evening, as they pipped CB Richard Ellis to first place

 Overall, a great time was had by all and our thanks go out to the organising committee for co-ordinating such an enjoyable (as well as an educational!) evening.

Vicky Thomas, CB Richard Ellis

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