Planning Aid for London – The Way Forward

Planning Aid for London (PAL) has been through some funding uncertainties in the last six months, but this has provided us with an opportunity to change our organisation and look towards the future.

For at least the coming twelve months, we have secured funding from London Councils, the Cabinet Office via the Transition Fund, and CLG via the Neighbourhood Plan Fund, in which we successfully partnered Planning Aid England and Locality.  Whilst very welcome, this funding is only for a short period.  If we are to become a stable and strong organisation we need to diverse our income streams, to become less reliant on external funders and thus more resilient to funding cuts.  That doesn’t mean we do not undertake any charitable work, but we develop new services that sit alongside our core work and ensure that we capitalise on our strengths as a large professional independent organisation with over a hundred chartered town planners and a forty year history.

To achieve this, we are working with external business organisations, Trustees and staff to explore possible services we can provide that are marketable but also capitalise on our strengths. An essential part of our short term development will relate to PAL raising its profile both within the industry and outside to new markets.   We therefore desperately need help from our volunteers and supportive organisations to host and organise events, networks, forums where PAL can make new contacts, new volunteers, and promote our services.

Finally we need help to raise corporate sponsorship to host our own events and develop new publications.  If you are a volunteer or a business that would be interested in helping our profile raising activities or developing corporate sponsorship then let us know.

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